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Greystone Manor is the best Sunday night party in LA. This all hip-hop night plays all your favorite hits, from modern rap to old school hip hop. If you haven’t been to this luxurious club, let’s change that tomorrow night. Join us at Greystone and pretend the weekend is never ending!!

Book a table at Greystone and avoid the huge line that usually wraps around the building. It’s the only way to get in quickly. We’ve got exclusive deals on tables at all the best clubs in LA, including 1OAK, Bootys Bellows, Henry’s and more. Contact us ASAP for a kick-ass weekend.

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The weekend doesn’t have to end if you don’t want it to! Join us tonight at Greystone Manor for the best Sunday night out in LA. They always have incredible DJs and cool vibes all night long! Sunday is hip hop night at Greystone, and they always play the best music.

Book a table at Greystone for a truly amazing Sunday night. Our team is here for you 24/7 to hook you up with table service at Greystone or any other top LA nightclub. Email us ASAP for tables at Greystone, 1OAK, Warwick, or any other club.

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Greystone Sundays

November 14, 2015- 0 Comments

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Looking to party on Sunday night? You may hate yourself on Monday morning, but check out Greystone Sundays for their amazing hip hop night. This week, they’ve got DJ ESCO, Future’s official DJ. It’s going to be an amazing night AND the best way to beat those Sunday blues.

Book a table at Greystone to avoid the huge line that wraps around the building. We can hook you up at Greystone or any other top LA nightclub this weekend. We can also get you bottle service reservations and spots on the guestlist.

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Greystone is going to a great party tonight! Join us for great music, great drinks, and a sick vibe. The opulent decor of Greystone is always cool, and Saturday night is no different!

Book a table at Greystone tonight for the best seats in the house. It’s the only way to avoid the (crazy long) line for Greystone. We can get you bottle service reservations at all the best clubs in LA, any night of the week. Shoot us an email and we’ll take care of the rest!

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If you party on a Sunday, the weekend just never ends, right? That’s our philosophy anyway, and that’s why we’re heading to Greystone Manor today! Their Sunday party is a hip hop extravaganza, with huge artists often making cameo appearances! Your boss will totally believe your “I’m sick I can’t come in to work” excuse tomorrow morning.

Book a table at Greystone for the ultimate weekend. It’s the only way to skip the (massive) line and guarantee a spot in the door at Greystone. Our promoters can get you VIP bottle service any night of the week, at any top LA nightclub. Just tell us how many guys and girls and you’re set!

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In denial that the weekend is almost over? For the ultimate Sunday Funday, spend it at Greystone for the birthday celebration of all birthday celebrations – Wale!! Hi medley of hits feature artists like Miguel, Usher, Tyga, and Kid Ink, so who knows which if his famous friends may show up! Greystone Sundays is always an amazing hip hop party, so don’t miss out on tonight!

Book a table at Greystone for the best seat in the house to see Wale perform. It’s the only way to skip the line and get to partying faster. Contact our promoters for a bottle service reservation at Greystone anytime!

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Pretend the weekend isn’t ending by partying with us at Greystone Manor tonight, September 20! Fabolous is hosting Greystone’s hip hop shop, with music by DJ Orator and DJ Five Star. It’s the best way to completely ignore the impending doom that is Monday.

For the best experience at Greystone, a bottle service reservation is a must have. This is the only way to guarantee you’ll get through the door- and leave the peasants in line on the sidewalk. Bottle service is not as crazy expensive as you might think – read our guide for more info. Contact us ASAP for table service at Greystone.

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greystone-saturdays-bottle-service-reservationAh the glitz and glamour of Greystone Manor. Party like the stars at Greystone this Saturday night, with a birthday set by Mixed Reactions and DJ Weatherman. If you want to party in LA this Saturday night, Greystone is the place to be. The chandeliers will make you feel fancy af, and you’ll feel even classier with a table/bottle service reservation.

A table at Greystone is definitely the way to go. We can set you up with prime tables at Greystone for your crew- just email us with the amount of guys and girls and we’ll make it happen.

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