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Don’t worry we’ve got you covered :). Le Jardin is going to go through a production transformation which will include state of the art set design, Function One Sound, and a lighting rig and projection 3D map like you have never seen before, all just for Halloween.  This is the Halloween party if you love EDM and high energy events. For only $100, you get full open bar All. Night. Long. Check out the EC Twins plus an opening set will be provided by James Kennedy from the hit TV show Vanderpump Rules.

1430 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028. 21+
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– Jen (Hollywood Nightclub Promoter Team)


Trying to have a great time this weekend? Its hard to find a good club to go to on Saturday nights, but there is no club like Warwick. Warwick is happy to bring in this time of year with great nights of partying. Trying to make your weekend a little more interesting? Well hot weather is here, and its time to live it up. So come drink with us, this weekend it is going to be on and popping with tons of singles hitting the streets to go clubbing at Warwick night club. There will also be a great amount of celebrities hitting up the clubs this and every weekend. Ready to step out of reality this weekend? It is good to have a little escape by taking a break, and having a great night out. Warwick Night Club is sure to offer you just what you need to make sure you have a great time. Come by to Warwick in Hollywood which is sure to offer you a great night for you to drink, dance and enjoy the crowd of beautiful people surrounding you. Warwick is a place to socialize and actually converse with the people around you, it is not your typical club scene. If you’re looking for bottle service reservations or guest list Warwick is the place to be. In the past few weeks the venue has been loaded with celebrities and one of the best crowds in LA.


For Warwick bottle service reservations| Warwick guest list email: warwick@bottleserviceresrvation.com

6507 Sunset Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90028

Nights: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday


Trying to have a great time this weekend? Well it’s always been a great time at Henrys on the weekend, and if you haven’t been a part of it yet, then you need to make sure you will be there this weekend. The hot days, and warm nights have started, and Henrys is now here to make your Saturday nights a little more special. Everyone wants to have a great time this weekend, so why not come out with all the great vibes and party people at Henrys. A great weekend is here, and everyone is going to be trying to have a good time whether you want it or not. Get ready to party with a great crowd this weekend. Don’t put your Saturday nights to waste, make every Saturday night special. The rain is gone, so it’s clear to see that Henry’s is the place to be at this Saturday. This weekend is going to be super busy with the great amount of Celebrities that have been known to hit Henrys on this and every weekend. The busier Henrys is, the better chance of you having a good time. Come by the newly remodeled Henrys, which is unlike any club you have been to before. Henry’s has a great club set up with plenty of tables to entertain the large amount of guests that it receives every weekend.


For Henrys bottle service reservation | Henrys Guest List Email:  Henrys@bottleServicereservation.com

Henrys Night club

8713 Beverly Blvd

West Hollywood, California Nights: Saturday


The hot weather is here LA, and the warm nights will be helping us all out on these upcoming weekends which will be unforgettable at Lure. Its going to be a big weekend in LA, so its still ok to be in party mode along with everyone else. Get ready to get out there this weekend. There will be plenty of people hitting up the club this weekend. Now that the sun is shining, and spring is around the corner, Lure is going to have tons of people coming by this Saturday. So if you have no plans, then Lure is the place for you. If you’re going to Lure this weekend, get ready to have a blast with the crazy amount of people that show up every Saturday. There are going to be plenty of single men and women hitting up Lure this weekend. This Saturday we bring you the sounds of DJ Dijital as we get lit at Lure for one epic night. If you want a great hip-hop experience at a night club then Saturday at Lure is the place for you. To find out more about Dj Dijital visit www.facebook.com/djDijital. Lure is located on Ivar and Sunset which is a great location right next to the AMC theatre, so you cant miss.

Lure has over 30 tables at surrounding the dance floor for those guests who are looking for bottle service. Bottle service is always available at Lure as well as a guest list for those just dropping by. Lure is the one night club that has the most spacious tables then any other night club in Hollywood.


For Lure bottle service reservations | Lure guest list email: Lure@BottleServiceReservation.com

Lure Hollywood Nightclub

1439 Ivar Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90028



For Project Nightclub Bottle Service Reservation | Guest List email: Project@bottleservicereservation.com

Are you ready for Project this weekend, because Project is ready for you! If you got energy to unleash, then you should come help keep the party going this weekend. You don’t need to wonder what club to go to any longer because Project has you covered. It’s time to get ready to for the nightlife that will be on here in LA. There will be plenty of people hitting up the clubs this weekend, but there is only one place be at on Friday nights in LA. So if you need something to do this weekend, look no further. That place is a Project night club. It is always a great time at Project, so come to Project on a special Friday night where you never know what you expect to see from this club. Project has been gaining popularity throughout LA, and is now known more than ever. Special guests as big as Tyga and Chris Brown have come by surprise and put on a show for the crowd. Those of our guests that get bottle service have the best seats in the house. This Friday night you don’t want to miss out this weekend Dj EZ is going to be in the house on this Friday night, to find out more about Dj EZ visit www.facebook.com/djez .

Project is the best club on Friday night in Hollywood so its no wonder that we have celebrities always dropping to visit and party with everyone. The room is designed for bottle service reservations to ensure a great time to those guests who purchase bottle service. Located on Hollywood and Ivar, which is prime real estate for the Hollywood area. Project is known for always having celebrities in the building on the nights that they are open. You never know who will drop by this week or the next. The dress code is very much enforced and the door won’t let you in if you don’t show up looking your best. No ball caps for guys, ripped denim, shirts with printed images, or baggy clothes. Simply dress to impress and you won’t have an issue at the door. The guest list is strictly enforced and still doesn’t guarantee you an entrance to the club. If you want to get in with out an issue the best way to do so is through making a bottle service reservation. Project is open every Friday night of the week, and accepts bottle service reservations.  The sooner you make the call, the better your chances of getting a table. Project LA’s always has a A list crowd to create a beautiful night. The great looking people always fill the energy in the room to a positive environment. Make sure to reserve bottle service this week with us for this Friday which is sure to be a memorable night at Project LA.


For Project Nightclub Bottle Service Reservation | Guest List email: Project@bottleservicereservation.com

6356 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, California Nights: Friday, Saturday


For DBA Nightclub Bottle service reservations | DBA Nightclub Guest List email: dba@BottleServiceReservation.com

If you are trying to get out to the Hollywood night scene then DBA is a great place to start. DBA is now the only spot to be at on Friday nights. It’s time to take advantage of the beautiful weather that we are having. The pool parties go hard during the day, but there are still plenty of people hitting up the clubs at night. Get out on the Hollywood scene this weekend by checking out the hot new club DBA.  Friday nights at DBA is the place to be, whether you want to have a crazy night out, or just one to remember.  This weekend there will be plenty of singles out ready to embrace the beautiful California nights. Come on by this weekend on Friday at Hollywoods ultimate Hip-hop club DBA, which is gaining more and more popularity every weekend.


For DBA Nightclub Bottle service reservations | DBA Nightclub Guest List email: dba@BottleServiceReservation.com

DBA Nightclub Los Angeles

7969 Santa Monica Blvd.

West Hollywood, CA 90069 Nights: Mon, Fri, Sat

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