The 2017 Grammy’s are this weekend, which means every club has an incredible lineup of nominated artists performing and celebrating. Bootsy Bellows is kicking it off with a Saturday night party featuring 2Chainz. You don’t want this incredible night of music’s top VIPs mingling at LA’s best club.

This event is only available with a bottle service reservation, so contact us for a spot. We’ll get you the best deals on the best tables to see 2Chainz at Bootsy Bellows this Saturday night, February 1 1. Don’t miss out.

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Have you been to the new Nightingale Plaza? It took over the old Greystone spot in West Hollywood, and damn do they know what they’re doing. Great decor and a line that wraps around the block has got this place climbing up the best nightclubs in LA list very quickly.

Not to mess with what was working before, they’ve kept up with the all hip hop Greystone Sundays. Join us tomorrow for the best way to pretend the weekend isn’t over. Hear all your favorite rap and hip hop and dance your Sunday night away.

Email us for bottle service at Nightingale Plaza this weekend!

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Warwick Friday 2/3

February 3, 2017- 0 Comments



New Decor. New Month. New Warwick.

Join us tonight for dancing with music by Bobby French and one insane Friday night. Warwick Seven is here with an all new theme and trust us- you gotta check it out. Warwick always knows how to throw a great party, and that’s why it consistently stays on LA’s top nightclub list.

The best way to enjoy Warwick is with bottle service, otherwise you’ll spend all night waiting outside in the rain. Don’t do that – get inside and party for your Friday. If you’re looking for the table service hookup, email us for details. Just let us know what club you’re interested in and how many people are in your party, and we’ll get you in the door in no time,

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As usual, Le Jardin has got a killer lineup this weekend. Join us Friday, Saturday, or both nights for a weekend you won’t forget.

It starts with tonight, Friday February 3. It’s Le Jardin Fridays with hip hop and open format, perfect for dancing into the weekend. DJ Butch will be on the beat, with surprise guests in store. Le Jardin Fridays is the perfect spot to kick back, relax, and let it all go as you dance and drink to your favorite hits.

Then tomorrow, Saturday February 4, it takes a different tune with La Vibe. Hear all the latest deep house beats with Nicolas Matar, B2B, Orazio Rispo, and opening set with Jay Douzi. It’s going to be sick.


Hit us up for bottle service at Le Jardin for Friday or Saturday. You’ve forgotten your resolutions, so let loose and have fun this weekend.

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Jauz: Off the Deep End at the Hollywood Palladium is coming up, and we’ve got tables available! Even though the February 3 event is sold out, contact us for bottle service reservations and we’ll get you taken care of. This is the only way to get in to see Jauz if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet! Contact us ASAP, tables are going fast.

Join us this weekend at the Hollywood Palladium for Jauz and more surprise special guests!

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If you live in LA, you can’t spend your Friday nights at home. Get to Bootsy Bellows tonight for an evening you’ll never forget. This amazing LA nightclub is celebrating the birthday of J. Rabon, who will also be performing. With a guest like this, you never know what VIPs might show up. If you want to get in the backroom where Beiber and the Jenners are known to hang out, email us for a bottle service reservation. We’ll hook you up with tables at Bootsy or any other top LA nightclub.

Let us know the size of your party and which club you want to go to. You won’t regret it.

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Thursday is basically the weekend, right? So let’s spend it in style at the brand-new Peppermint Club! This club is quickly rising as one of the top nightlife destinations in LA, so get there now and make all your followers jealous. They’re specializing in live music, with incredible performances happening every night. Join us tonight, Thursday January 26 for a surprise performance by your new favorite band.

Email us to get bottle service at the Peppermint Club – we’ve got you covered.

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Le Jardin Friday

January 26, 2017- 0 Comments


Happy Birthday to the EC Twins! Celebrate with them at Le Jardin this Friday night. It’s going to be a kick-ass night of beats, drinks, and vibes til way past your bedtime. The rain has stopped and we’re all ready to celebrate the weekend!

Join us Friday, January 27 at Le Jardin in Hollywood for an incredible nightlife experience in LA! Email us for table reservations and guestlist at any of Los Angeles’ top clubs. We can hook you up with bottle service for bachelor parties, birthdays, and more.

Let’s party at Le Jardin on Friday! Join us all weekend for a great time.

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