Le Jardin Fridays with Bentley Montes 5/6

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Thank god, Friday is finally here. You may have partied a little too hard for Cinco De Mayo last night, but it’s time to chug that Gatorade and get your energy back for Le Jardin Fridays! Bentley Montes is playing all the best top format, hip hop, and EDM songs. And you know that a party at Le Jardin is not a party you want to miss. Ever since it’s opening last year, it has been taking the LA nightlife scene by storm, with amazing events week after week. This Friday night, you need to get to Le Jardin – you won’t regret it.

Los Angeles is the best city in the world for nightlife. The huge variety in venues, from classy lounges, to loud clubs, means there’s something for everyone. You could go out ever night of the week in Hollywood alone and never get bored. And nothing says party like Friday, so call your crew and tell them it’s time to go out! If you make the plans now and book your table, no one can back out. Don’t spend another Friday on the couch, wishing you had gone out. I mean, you live in LA for a reason, right?! So get out there and enjoy the spring weather at LA’s best outdoor venue, Le Jardin.

If you are new to bottle service and nightclubs, don’t worry! We are here to help! Just email us with your party size and what club you’re interested in. Need a recommendation? Just tell us what kind of experience you’re looking for, or what occassion you’re celebrating and we’ll find the perfect club for you. The Hollywood Nightclub Promoters team is ready to hook you up at all of LA’s best clubs! It’s Friday night, so book a table at Le Jardin!

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