Le Jardin Fridays 4/22

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Friday night is here, which means it’s time to grab your crew, crank up the tunes, and get out! Los Angeles is the best nightlife city in the US, and if you’re not out there experiencing it, you’re making a huge mistake. Tonight is a great night to spend at Le Jardin. With music by Dominic Carter, this star-studded evening is the party to be at tonight. It’s the best Friday night ever tonight at Le Jardin, one of LA’s best nightclubs. Enjoy the top nightclubs in Hollywood with us! Our team is ready to hook you up this weekend.

This is the best party in LA tonight. Friday nights are a great time to go out, and tonight is no different. Everyone is ready to let loose and recharge, so whether’s you’re taken or single and ready to mingle, the LA clubbing scene is perfect for you. Party with us tonight at Le Jardin! Since it’s opening last year, Le Jardin has been dominating the nightclub scene, with celebs making appearances every week. Join us tonight – you won’t regret it.

The best way to enjoy Le Jardin is with a bottle service reservation. Tables are your solution to long lines, crowded clubs, and waiting to get a drink. With a VIP table, you’re the star. Get quickly wisked into the club upon arrival, and right to your specific table. At the table, you and your crew will have your own space to drink, party, and hang out. And talk about impressive- if you’re celebrating a special event, showing around an out-of-town friend, or just trying to get that second date, table service is the way to go. Our team is ready to hook you up with table reservations at any top club in LA, including 1OAK, Bootsy Bellows, Warwick, and more.

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