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Have you heard? Renowned DJs Cash Cash will be throwing it down tonight at Create Nightclub! LA’s hottest EDM club is welcoming these DJs right before they hit the Marquee in Las Vegas. These guys are about to be huge, so see them now at Create nightclub, tonight only, Friday April 1. We’re not foolin, so get yourself to Create Nightclub tonight for a seriously epic start to your weekend. Create has one of the sickest sound and light systems in the city, and their parties never disappoint. Enjoy the best LA nightlife tonight at Create Nightclub! You won’t regret it.

Create is gonna be poppin tonight, so you better get yourself a table reservation. Create Nightclub tables are the best way to enjoy this top nightclub. The VIP treatment is amazing, and once you experience it, you never wanna go back to guest list. Just email us with the amount of guys and girls in your party and we’ll get you set up. If you’re new to bottle service, trust us, it’s the best way to go. And with a big enough group, it can actually¬†save you money, as opposed to everyone buying an individual ticket. We’d love to have you join us tonight at Create, so shoot us an email before it’s to late! Don’t let 10 pm roll around and you still don’t have plans for your Friday – get it figured out now and email us!

Create is the best way to start your weekend. April is here, the weather is warming up, and everyone is ready to meet new people and hit the dance floor. Have a staycation this spring break and party tonight at Create. We’ve got the hookup at all the best clubs in LA, so email us for bottle service this weekend!

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