Top Hollywood Nightclubs – November 2015

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There are so many amazing clubs in LA, but you gotta check out the best Hollywood nightclubs for November 2015.

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1. Top Hollywood Nightclub – 1OAK Los Angeles


1OAK has venues around the world, and the best one is right here in LA. They bring in amazing DJs and Hip Hop performers every week and truly create a VIP clubbing experience. Bottle service is the best way to enjoy 1OAK, otherwise you’ll be stuck in the never-ending line, instead of inside partying, brushing shoulders with some of the biggest celebrities.

Best Nights: THURSDAY, SATURDAY (Best Night)

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2. Top Hollywood Nightclub – Warwick



For a truly stylish evening, head to Warwick. This is one of LA’s most exclusive clubs, and for a good reason. It’s crawling with the rich and famous, and a bottle service reservation at Warwick is the only way to get in. Perfect for celebrations or impressing someone important, you gotta get to Warwick ASAP this November.


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3. Top Hollywood Nightclub- Argyle


The Argyle has really stepped up their game recently. Their Argyle Mondays is legendary, with amazing acts coming every week. Recently they’ve had Argyle, Future, and tons more. The Argyle is on of the best clubs in Hollywood, so a bottle service reservation is highly recommended to get in the door. Who wants to spend a Friday night shivering on Sunset Blvd, anyway?


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4. Top Hollywood Nightclub – Greystone Manor
















This place is so awesome on so many different levels. It’s been talked about in rap songs (Drake shouted out Greystone). Greystone Manor nightclub is legendary. They play everything from EDM to Hip Hop and always have a great looking crowd. It’s a Vegas sized nightclub and has a lot of great looking people (this is LA after all). Bottle Service at Greystone is highly recommended as the door is tough and it will ensure you have a great night.

Best Nights: FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY (best)

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5. Top Hollywood Nightclub – LURE



Lure nightclub in Hollywood is another party that you will want to tell all your friends about. It’s a big room EDM nightclub in Hollywood that has everyone from the EC Twins to Kaskade. Lure Nightclub bottle service is the best way to go and definitely the best way to see your favorite artist. If you are visiting Los Angeles and you want one of the best nightclubs in Hollywood, Lure nightclub is the place to be.

Best Nights: THURSDAY (Best Night), FRIDAY, and SATURDAY

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