What is Bottle Service?

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If you’ve never done it before, bottle service/table service might not make much sense. It may seem like a huge crazy expense, but if you do it right, it can even out to a regular night of clubbing. Read on, grasshopper, as we explain how bottle service works, and how to get bottle service in LA.

What is bottle service?

If you’ve got a small group (1-2 people), a spot on the guest list is good enough to get you in the door. But if you have a large party, want guaranteed access, or a designated space, a bottle service reservation is the way to go. When you get table service, you are paying the club a premium for bottles, mixers, and table space/prime real estate.

Most mixers are your standard cranberry juice, orange juice tonic water, limes/lemons, etc. Each table booking has a minimum spend – that is, the amount you need to spend on alcohol. This minimum depends on the day, DJ of the night, table location, and number in your party.

Bottle service girls bring out the bottles, and also help you make drinks, pour shots, refill your mixers, remove empty glasses, etc.

What are the benefits of table service?

-Shorter line for VIP access

-A place to put your things, sit, and meet up with your group

-Bottle service comes with alcohol and comp’ed entry (oftentimes the cost is pretty close to getting in on general admission and buying drinks at the bar)

How expensive is bottle service?

Remember, bottle service can be worth doing if you are a group. At $15-20 a mixed drink, it only takes a few before your tab is close to what it would be for a bottle. That said, minimums can range from 1k, 5k, to even more at bigger clubs. These tabs don’t include tax and tip, which is automatically added (usually 30%).

How do I get bottle service?

Email us at Info@BottleServiceReservation.com for bottle service & table service at all the best clubs in LA!

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