Scooter and Lavelle at GREYSTONE SATURDAYS!

August 28, 2015- 0 Comments

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Join Scooter and Lavelle¬†at GREYSTONE SATURDAYS this Weekend! Greystone Manor is the place to be August 29, with this pair of incredible DJs, and special guest Talon Reid. Greystone is classy AF, so don’t miss out on this excellent evening of booze, tunes, and great vibes.

Greystone can get a huge line on Saturday nights, so avoid it with a bottle service reservation. A Greystone table gets you in the door quickly, so you can party right away. Nothing like losing your buzz after waiting outside in line for 45 minutes. But don’t wait – their tables will sell out so book ASAP!

Bottle Service & Table Service @ Greystone: Greystone@BottleServiceReservation.Com

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