Greystone Saturdays – August 8 (TONIGHT!)

August 8, 2015- 0 Comments



Greystone Manor is one of the coolest clubs in LA. I mean, it’s got “Manor” in the name. Talk about #classy. The chandeliers, celebrity clientele, and awesome tables make it one of the best places to party on a Saturday night.

Join us at Greystone on Saturday August 8 (TONIGHT) to dance all night long to DJs Tay James & Talon Reid. Make sure you reserve a table for Saturday night if you want to avoid the hour-plus wait in line. Feel like a boss when you head straight to the door to get your table at Greystone.

Ready to party? We can hook you up with bottle service at Greystone. Email Greystone@BottleServiceReservation.Com today!

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