This Summer at LURE Hollywood

July 9, 2015- 0 Comments


Cancel your plans for the month at other clubs in Hollywood. We’ve got a new itinerary for you. LURE just released their event calendar for July and trust us, it’s amazing. Get a bottle service reservation for LURE ASAP so you don’t miss out.

Fresh off of a jam-packed Fourth of July weekend, LURE‘s calendar is full of great DJs through August. LURE is perfect for people that want to rage. They have one of the best sound systems in LA so people go there to party and get bottle service.

Check out DJ/Actor Talon Reid spinning EDM this weekend. Big Syphe recently opened for Pit Bull, and has a seriously unique sound. LA Locals Mixed Reaction have been touring non-stop and we’re so glad to get them while they’re home in LA.

And stay tuned for the surprise special guest in August!

What are you waiting for? Grab your LURE guest list spots and LURE bottle service reservations  today! Lure@BottleServiceReservation.Com.

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