Insane Bar Tab – Jay Z

July 6, 2015- 0 Comments


When you’re Jay-Z, it’s almost expected that you’ll drop more than the average amount on a night out. And he didn’t disappoint, with a $250k spree at Liv nightclub in the Fontainebleau Hotel. following the release of his album “Watch the Throne.”

Jay was following in the footsteps of another insane bar tabber. “Jay knew that Mark Cuban spent over $100,000 after the Mavericks won the championship a few months ago, and he wasn’t about to be upstaged,” a source close to Jay-Z told

Jay-Z filled the bill with bottles of Ace of Spades at $200 a pop. Then he topped it off with the the 15-liter bottle that costs $100,000 on its own.

Don’t we all wish we could drop a quarter of a million dollars on one night? Or maybe I’ll just buy a car…

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