Greystone Saturdays with Excel 7.18

July 17, 2015- 0 Comments

greystone saturdays

This weekend’s hottest party is at Greystone Manor. Head to Greystone to see Excel and DJ Weatherman play the coolest music all night long.

Greystone is an insane three-level club with one massive main room and then a side room with a few tables and a bar. The main room is broken into three levels. The first level is the dance floor. Second level is the farthest from the DJ but elevated from the first floor. The third level is up by the DJ and is considered the best area to be in.

Bottle service is highly recommended to have a great time at Greystone, especially for this Saturday night. We can hook you up with table service at Greystone Manor any night of the week.

For bottle service this Saturday night at Greystone, email us at Greystone@BottleServiceReservation.Com.

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