Taco Bell Announces Alcohol Trials

June 10, 2015- 0 Comments

Taco Bell Slushees

Your favorite drunk/hungover/late night/anytime fast food spot just got better. Taco Bell has announced Yum Brands Inc., the Irvine-based company behind Taco Bell, is testing beer, wine and alcoholic slushee-like drinks called “mixed alcohol freezes” at a new Chicago Taco Bell location scheduled to open this summer, according to the Associated Press.

We could soon be pairing beer with Crunchwrap Supremes and red wines with Doritos Locos tacos. A spiked slushee probably goes with pretty much anything. Add this to the rumor that they may start delivering on weekend nights  and we’re basically ready to hand Taco Bell all of our money. Mcdonalds, shmcdonalds.

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