New Yacht-Themed Boardwalk Opens

June 3, 2015- 1 Comment

Girl dances in champagne bucket at Boardwalk day club

Lounge on a yacht without stepping foot near water at SBE’s newest venture, Boardwalk. This yacht-themed nightclub in the former Colony space is sure to be your go-to destination this summer. The spot has been remodeled as a re-imagined boat deck, complete with wood accents, rope knots, port holes, and lots of open air. Grab yourself a faux flotation device and you’ll be in Instagram heaven.

Grab bottle service from sailor-themed hostesses and hang out near the DJ booth/ship bow. Each Sunday, the club will “dock” at various destinations for themed parties, as part of the XIV Summer Sessions, appropriately dubbed “Yacht Club.” Last week they headed to Cabo San Lucas for a fiesta with “costumes strongly encouraged.” Olé.

Save water, spray champagne at Boardwalk this summer.

Contact Info@BottleServiceReservations.Com for guest list and table service reservations for XIV Yacht Club & Boardwalk.

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