Lure Night Club 6.20.15 w/ Mr. Fitz

June 20, 2015- 0 Comments


Lure has never been more popular than now. Now that the sun is shining, and summer is here. Lure is going to have tons of people coming by this Saturday. So if you have no plans, then Lure is the place for you. If you’re going to Lure this weekend, get ready to have a blast with the one and only Mr. Fitz on the one’s and two’s. To find out more about DJ Fitz visit www.facebook/MrFitz. Lure has over 30 tables at surrounding the dance floor for those guests who are looking for bottle service. Bottle service is always available at Lure as well as guest list for those just dropping by. Lure is the one nightclub that has the most spacious tables then any other nightclub in Hollywood. Bottle service ranges from 1-2 bottles to gain entrance and it is highly recommended. Bottle service at Lure will ensure that you have a great time getting the prime real estate in the club.

For Lure bottle service reservations & Lure guest list email


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