6.19 Create NOIZE Fridays with Ashely Wallbridge

June 19, 2015- 0 Comments



It’s the most beautiful time of the year, so come and experience it with beautiful people just like yourself. This is a weekend you don’t want to miss at Create Nightclub, especially if you got some-steam blow from being cooped in last weekend, or from that night the Warriors won the championship on Tuesday night. It’s a good night if you’re a fan of the Warriors from the West Coast to celebrate and make some NOIZE at Create with Ashely Wallbridge playing until 3am. To find out more about Ashely Wallbridge please go to www.facebook.com/AshelyWallbridge . Ashely will be keeping the theme going of NOIZE Fridays at Create. Bottle service is always available at Create, which is highly recommended in order to gain entrance. Be sure to make those bottle reservations asap for tonight.


For Create bottle service reservations & Create guest list email Create@BottleServiceReservation.com


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