6.13 DJ Adam Foster @ Lure

June 12, 2015- 0 Comments

lure nightclub

Don’t go off to vacation just yet, because Lure still has a lot to offer.  Lure is keeping the weekends entertaining this time of year with hot new artists. This Saturday we bring you the sounds of DJ Adam Foster as we get lit at Lure for one epic night. If you want a great hip-hop experience at a night club then Saturday at Lure is the place for you.

Bottle service at hollywood nightclub Lure ranges from 1-2 bottles to gain entrance and it is highly recommended. Bottle service at Lure will ensure that you have a great time getting the prime real estate in the club.

For Lure bottle service reservations & Lure guest list email: Lure@BottleServiceReservation.com

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