Henrys 5.16.15 with Chedda De Connect!!!

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Trying to have a great time this weekend? Well it’s always been a great time at Henrys on the weekend, and if you haven’t been a part of it yet, then you need to make sure you will be there this weekend. The hot days, and warm nights have started, and Henrys is now here to make your Saturday nights a little more special. Everyone wants to have a great time this weekend, so why not come out with all the great vibes and party people at Henrys. A great weekend is here, and everyone is going to be trying to have a good time whether you want it or not. Get ready to party with a great crowd this weekend. Don’t put your Saturday nights to waste, make every Saturday night special. The rain is gone, so it’s clear to see that Henry’s is the place to be at this Saturday. This weekend is going to be super busy with the great amount of Celebrities that have been known to hit Henrys on this and every weekend. The busier Henrys is, the better chance of you having a good time. Come by the newly remodeled Henrys, which is unlike any club you have been to before. Henry’s has a great club set up with plenty of tables to entertain the large amount of guests that it receives every weekend.


For Henrys bottle service reservation | Henrys Guest List Email:  Henrys@bottleServicereservation.com

Henrys Night club

8713 Beverly Blvd

West Hollywood, California Nights: Saturday

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