Top Hollywood Nightclubs – February 2015

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We did it again. Here is the newest Top 10 List of Hollywood Nightclubs. These are the best Clubs in LA. You will want to check each of them out. Get out there & party.



1. Top Hollywood Night Club | 1OAK Los Angeles


The newest club to hit the streets on LA is the famous 1 Oak. Known for its venues in Las Vegas, New York and Mexico City the 1 Oak brand is one of the strongest names in Nightlife. Since 1 Oak arrived in LA it has set the bar for all mega clubs in town. If you’re not getting bottle service then you’re in trouble. Guest list is an option but they run a very tight door. However this club holds almost 1000 people so they do need to let people in. Bottle service reservations are sat either downstairs in the main room or upstairs on the balcony looking into the room. Formerly known as the Key Club the venue has been transformed to resemble a performance hall with a nightclub vibe. 1 Oak is open Thursday and Saturday from 9pm-2am. For guest list arrivals we would recommend coming with more girls than guys in your group and to be there by 1030. One thing you can expect from 1 Oak is from the time you show up till the time you leave you will be there and part of on wild party. We highly recommend making a bottle service reservation if you plan on going there. The owners of 1 Oak are notorious for bringing out celebrities and artists so don’t be surprised if you see A list stars or Jamie Fox gets up on the microphone and performs.


For 1Oak bottle service reservations | 1OAk guest list email =

1Oak Nightclub Los Angeles
9039 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90060

Nights: THURSDAY, SATURDAY (Best Night)


2. Top Hollywood Nightclub | Project


Brought to you by the owners of Project Club London this venue resembles a mix of modern design and a one of a kind Lighting system. This venue is perfect for both Hip Hop Music and EDM. You walk in to a long hallway that opens into one medium sized room. You have booth along the top and smaller tables on the dance floor. Out back there is a nice garden style patio, which is nice for getting some fresh air. Project has great go-go dancers and usually has some kind of performance. In the last few months Chris Brown, Kyrie Irving, and Tyga have been at the venue. The door can be tough so it’s best come with a good ratio of girls to guys and getting In on the guest list shouldn’t be an issue. One of the nice things about project if you want to make a bottle service reservation you have the option on being on the lively dance floor or in large spacious booth. For large parties the booths are really nice and much appreciated by those visiting the club. Project Club LA is open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. It’s located in the heart of Hollywood so if you plan on making an appearance you can have dinner at Beso, Aventine, Katsuaya and that is the short list. Project is co managed by Boulevard Nightlife Group one of the largest groups in LA. There contribution to the club ensures that the place is always up to par and being programed by the best DJ’s and artists.


For Project Nightclub Bottle Service Reservations | Project Nightclub Guest List email =

Project Nightclub

6356 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, California

Nights: FRIDAY (Best Night), SATURDAY


3. Top Hollywood Nightclub | Warwick


When you think Nightclub you think large venue, massive crowds, loud music, packed to the brim, etc. Well not Warwick. Warwick is the perfect hybrid to a club and a lounge LA has ever seen. Hands down one of the best crowds in Hollywood. Guest list isn’t an option at Warwick but if you want to take your chances we recommend you coming in your best attire. Even with a bottle service reservation you can’t guarantee your entrance. For best club/ lounge Hybrid Warwick is #1 in our book. Warwick is two floors with an open layout. Upstairs is available for private parties, large groups, and celebrities to hide out. On any given night you may see David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio, Eva Longoria and the list goes on. Warwick isn’t just home base for LA’s finest but also every reality TV Star you can think of. If you want to be at the place to be seen you go to Warwick. One cool thing about Warwick, which makes it different than all others, is the face that you can have a drink made for you at your bottle service table by a mixologist. All the Juices are made on site and are fresh pressed. The music is usually open format and you can find LA’s finest DJ’s like DJ Cobra, Mr. Best, Bee Fowl, Devin Lucien, and that is jus the start.


For Warwick bottle service reservations | Warwick guest list email =

Warwick Hollywood

6507 Sunset Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90028



4. Top Hollywood Nightclub | DBA


When you think unique, something that stands out, an experience-based venue, you think DBA. Way back when DBA used to be a strip club so it has a very unique set of licenses. The club has about 10 semi nude dancers dancing all over the club. DBA is one massive room with massive booths along the outside perimeter. Dress code is strictly enforced so no ball caps, baggy pants, or shirts with excessive patterns. The club also has several shows through out the night which really is a strong compliant to the experience of the night. DBA is open Monday, Friday and Saturday. Monday and Saturdays are really strong nights playing only Hip Hop Music. Friday is more of a mix of music but just recently got Nick Cannon to do a few dates and rumor has it he will have several more. Bottle service and DBA is great for both dance floor tables and large booths. The Monday night is famous for celebrities and athletes. The club has a good crowd and the door runs a tight guest list so it’s important to inquire about getting on the guest list before showing up so you can make sure you get in. However like all clubs in Hollywood it’s always recommended to make a bottle service reservation.


For DBA Nightclub Bottle service reservations | DBA Nightclub Guest List email =

DBA Nightclub Los Angeles

7969 Santa Monica Blvd.

West Hollywood, CA 90069



5. Top Hollywood Nightclub | Argyle


One of the newest clubs in LA Argyle Hollywood is making ways. The venue is open three nights a week for the nightclub and five nights a week for the downstairs lounge. Upstairs Argyle features a modern nightclub with a one of a kind light show on the ceiling. There is a massive dance floor is massive with several booths on it and then a second level on both sides of the club with large booths. Bottle service is fairly prices at Argyle compared to the other clubs but still isn’t cheap. The crowd is hands down one of the most fun in LA. The club books only high energy DJ’s and the promoters that work there are known for bringing in a fun young party crowd. The cool thing about Argyle is that if you don’t want to be in the main club you can get a bottle service reservation downstairs. Guest list works for both upstairs and downstairs but it’s important to plan ahead before heading over. On any given Friday or Saturday night you can expect to show up to large crowd trying to get in. We recommend you coming early and dressed to impress. The door guy enforces the dress code pretty strictly so don’t be the one left out side for looking like a bum.


For Argyle bottle service reservations | Argyle guest list email =

Argyle Hollywood Nightclub

1600 Argyle Ave

Los Angeles, California



6. Top Hollywood Nightclub | Henry’s


Henry’s nightclub in Los Angeles is pure class. This place is a little smaller than your typical Los Angeles Nightclub, but it packs a punch. There is a very classy group of people that frequent Henrys (celebrities included). The door is VERY tough, but if you manage to make it past the doorman you’re good to go. Bottle Service at Henrys is worth it. It’s classy, you can dance, and they play every type of music. It’s perfect for a night on the town if you’re not looking to go completely wild at a place like Lure or Greystone. There is something for everyone here. Henrys Nightclub is very upscale and guest list is also hard to come by. Make sure you arrive early, wearing your best clothes, and bring an amazing group of people. You will love this place. Henrys was just remodeled and have a great new look. It’s the newest nightclub in Los Angeles.


For Henrys bottle service reservations | Sound guest list email =

Hooray Henry’s Nightclub

8713 Beverly Blvd

West Hollywood, California



7. Top Hollywood Nightclub | Greystone


This place is so awesome on so many different levels. It’s been talked about in rap songs (Drake shouted out Greystone). Greystone Manor nightclub is legendary. They play everything from EDM to Hip Hop and always have a great looking crowd. It’s a Vegas sized nightclub and has a lot of great looking people (this is LA after all). Bottle Service at Greystone is highly recommended as the door is though and it will ensure you have a great night. Guest List at Greystone Manor is also available, but it’s usually reserved for groups of girls or bachelorette parties. Please do not hesitate to email us regarding events or bottle service at Greystone. This is one of the coolest and longest lasting venues in the city. If you haven’t been here before, you have no idea what you’re missing. This place is epic. Get bottle service, sit back and enjoy.


For Greystone Manor bottle service reservations =

Greystone Manor Nightclub Hollywood

649 La Cienega Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90069

Nights: FRIDAY, SATURDAY (best night)


8. Top Hollywood Nightclub | Lure


Another massive club that is amazing. Lure nightclub in Hollywood is another party that you will want to tell all your friends about. It’s a big room EDM nightclub in Hollywood that has everyone from the EC Twins to Kaskade. Lure Nightclub bottle service is the best way to go and definitely the best way to see your favorite artist. If you are visiting Los Angeles and you want one of the best nightclubs in Hollywood… Lure nightclub is the best. This place rocks and goes late. Artist performs, girls go wild, and you will have the night of your life. I would make sure you get there early and you won’t want to miss a second of this club. It’s another Los Angeles staple and has made the top 10 Los Angeles nightclub list for 6 months in a row. It’s a beast.


For Lure bottle service reservations | Lure guest list email =

Lure Hollywood Nightclub
1439 Ivar Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Nights: THURSDAY (Best Night), FRIDAY, and SATURDAY


9. Top Hollywood Nightclub | Supperclub


Supperclub nightclub is one of the best. This place has beds instead of tables! Supperclub also has a massive line out front so you will definitely want to get there early. It’s a massive party and a big room club. If you’re celebrating an event or just looking for a great Hollywood nightclub to visit: Supperclub Nightclub. This place is wild and you will definitely want to check it out. Make sure you let them know if it’s your birthday or if you’re celebrating an event (it’s an epic celebration). Bottle Service at Supperclub is also highly suggested, as you will need to make sure you have the best time possible. Get out there, take your shoes off and party!


For Supperclub bottle service reservations | Supperclub guest list email =

Supper Club Hollywood
6675 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028



10. Top Hollywood Nightclub | Create


Last but certainty not least is Create Nightclub in Hollywood. Create nightclub is SO EPIC. They always have big room DJ’s and we’ve featured them on the Top 10 Hollywood Nightclub list multiple times. This place simply goes hard. It stays open late; they have tickets (but we obviously would suggest Create Bottle Service). Make sure you are ready to seriously get after it. This place goes off harder than XS in Las Vegas. It’s crazier that any club in Los Angeles and you will need a full day to recover. It’s insane. Buckle up and get to Create Nightclub in Hollywood if you get a chance. This is definitely one nightclub in LA that you will not want to miss. They have massive bottle celebrations and massive EDM DJ’s. Do it.


For Create bottle service reservations |

Create Nightclub Hollywood

6021 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028



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