Oscar Weekend Lineup with WIZ Khalifa!!! – Hollywood Nightclub Promoter

February 20, 2015- 0 Comments

It’s gonna be a big weekend in Los Angeles.


It’s Oscar Weekend & we’re putting together a special club lineup. We picked the best nightclub for each night. If you’re looking for a club in Los Angeles this weekend… these are the 2:

Friday Night – Project Nightclub w/Mr. Best


It’s Oscar Weekend in Los Angeles & everyone is going out looking their best. This place is a great party and a great way to start of the weekend. Right in Hollywood and right next to the Oscars… Is Project Nightclub. Project Nightclub in LA is one of the hottest spots right now. It’s a big room with a lot of great looking people and even better music. Bottle service is highly recommended. Guest list is also available for parties of 4 or more and there must be an even ration. Dress code is upscale and you must get to the venue early. There will be a LOT of people outside and guest list does not guarantee entry. Make sure you strap yourself in and take a lot of photos. This is going to be one hell of an Oscar weekend. Give us some love on our Facebook page for a better chance at a free table. If you have ever been to Project Nightclub in London… this place is way better (after all, it’s in Los Angeles :).

For Project NightClub Bottle Service Reservations | Project NightClub Guest List email=Project@bottleservicereservation.com

Saturday Night – Henrys Nightclub w/WIZ KHALIFA


You heard it here first. WIZ KHALIFA will be performing at Henrys on Saturday night. Get ready for a party. This place will sell out tomorrow afternoon so make sure you get in there early. Bottle Service at Henrys Nightclub is the only way to guarantee entry this weekend. This will be a massive night. There are only 5 tables left. WIZ KHALIFA. WIZ KHALIFA. WIZ KHALIFA. WIZ KHALIFA. WIZ KHALIFA. He’s performing and the bottom line is if you aren’t at the club with your phone ready.. your friends will be. Make sure to take an amazing Instagram or Snapchat of this. Will be a once in a lifetime performance at such a small and amazing venue. Man we can’t wait for this one.

For Henrys bottle service reservation | Henrys Guest List Email = Henrys@bottleServicereservation.com

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