Create Nightclub NOIZE FRIDAYS with DJ Michael Burn 2.27.15

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Create Nightclub – Hollywood Nightclub Promoter create_nightclub_hollywood_nigthclub_promoter_20150226

Get ready to make some NOIZE this Friday before the Oscar celebrations. This is an event you do not want to miss at Create Night Club. Do you need to let off some steam? If you are tired of the quiet office all week, come make some NOIZE with us at Create. Create is the answer for you this weekend with its weekly NOIZE FRIDAYS with a great Friday night performance lined up by DJ Salva who will be playing until 3 am. To find out more about DJ Michael Burn go to . DJ Michael Burn will be keeping the theme going of NOIZE Fridays at Create. At Create nightclub the most popular EDM Djs are always stopping by every weekend. Create is located on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. Bottle service is always available at Create, which is highly recommended in order to gain entrance. The tables are in a stadium seating type arrangement so the prices do vary, but any table is sure to provide a great time.

There is also a guest list for those just wanting to drop by, providing a great dance floor to see the DJ. To gain entrance make sure to be on the guest list before you arrive, if you are not getting bottle service. Also, be sure to arrive early as entering the club is smoother in the beginning of the night. Dress code is strictly enforced, dress to impress, and no caps with logos. Create is open Fridays and Saturdays and offer bottle service both nights. Create night club is the only night club that is open until 3 am. Come by and watch The Bloody Beet Roots performance that will be heard all throughout Hollywood. There will be many more hot DJs performing on this and every night that Create is open. Many celebrities are known to show up to Create, so don’t miss your chance to run into one. Show up early if you’re on the guest list.


For Create bottle service reservations | Create guest list



Create Nightclub Hollywood

6021 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028


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