Argyle Night Club | Mr. Probz | 2/7/15

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Argyle Night Club with Mr. Probz 2/7/15


If you want to get wave after wave, come to argyle this weekend where Mr. Probz will be the guest performance. Start making your plans for Argyle this Saturday night. With the huge wave of people here for the Grammys, you are sure to have a great and interesting weekend at Argyle. Argyle is here to make sure that you start your weekend off right, making sure that every weekend is one to remember for this club. This Saturday we have sure to put on a great performance for those looking to keep the weekend flowing. To find out more about Mr. Probz visit him at  . Argyle is located on Argyle Ave. right next to the W hotel, so you can’t miss it with its great location. Argyle has 21 tables, which sell out every night so be sure to reserve your table with enough time before hand. Argyle is open on Friday’s and Saturday’s and offers bottle service both nights.

There is also a guest list for those who don’t want to spend that much money, which still offers a great dance floor area so you can dance the night away. Guest list is not guaranteed, so be sure to look your best to up your chances for entrance at the door. If you are on the guest list, be sure to show up early with a good guy to girl ratio. Bottle service is highly recommended in order to gain entrance. If you are not getting bottle service, there is a great bar with plenty of bar tenders that will give you any number of great mixed drinks. Enjoy the spectacular view as well as the excellent service that staff will provide for you, and you never know which Hollywood celebrity might end up showing to party with you to make the weekend one to remember. Argyle is open Tuesday, Fridays, and Saturdays, so be sure to make those bottle reservations ASAP for this weekend.


For Argyle bottle service reservations | Argyle guest list email =


Argyle Hollywood Nightclub

1600 Argyle Ave

Los Angeles, California

Nights: Tuesday (Best Night), Friday, Saturday

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