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Lure Night Club with DJ Troy Kutz 1/3/15


Continue the New Years celebration this weekend at Lure night club. This weekend we have Dj Troy Kutz. If you want a great hip hop experience at a night club then Saturday at Lure is the place for you. Lure is located on Ivar and Sunset which is a great location next to the AMC theatre. Bottle service is always available at Lure as well as a guest list for those just dropping by. Lure is the one night club that has the most spacious tables then any other night club in Hollywood. Lure has a great open floor to avoid congestion in any matter. If you are coming in on the guest list, enjoy signature cocktails from two full bars at both ends of the nightclub. Lure does not have a strict dress code with execption to hats with logos. Bottle service ranges from 1-2 bottles to gain entrance and it is highly recommended. Bottle service at Lure will ensure that you have a great time getting the prime real estate in the club. If you use the guest list be sure to come early and dress to impress. Lure is open on Thursdays and Saturdays. There is always a great show, and you never know what to expect, so any day is a great day to stop on by.


For Lure bottle service reservations | Lure guest list email =

Lure Hollywood Nightclub
1439 Ivar Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028


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