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Lure Nightclub | Lure Hollywood

Lure Nightclub | Lure Hollywood | Lure Bottle Service | Lure Guest List| DJ Danny Avila

Lure Nightclub | Lure Hollywood | Lure Bottle Service | Lure Guest List | DJ Danny Avila | August 15 2013

Lure Nightclub | Danny Avila | The DJ world now has a 18-year-old performer who is being compared to Justin Bieber – not for his music, but for his hair.

Danny Avila has created a buzz in music circles by spinning big live shows. His new original track is “Breaking Your Fall,” and he has a remix package of the single coming out within a month.

Avila, a native of Spain, performs tonight at Marquee. Since his English is good but a work in progress, we did a Q&A by email.

Question: I know you have performed in Vegas before. I think the last time was at Wet Republic. What was that like?

Answer: I was so excited to play there and to see what all the fuss is about, because it is such a popular city and everyone around the world speaks about Las Vegas. So I just couldn’t wait! And it was a great experience. I was so impressed by the vibe, the people going crazy, the great club, good music, beautiful girls.

Q: When you perform in here, is it frustrating to be underage. I mean, I think you get escorted in and out of the DJ booth, instead of being allowed to party. So where do you party here?

A: Well, Vegas is very strict, I have to say. Obviously I cannot put myself above any law but I enjoy being in the club, playing my sets and partying with the crowd. That is my kind of party. No need for excessive after-parties for me.

Q: People in my business – the media – keep referring to your hair being similar to Justin Bieber’s. What do you think about your hair in relation to the media? Do you feel as if you can never change your hairstyle? Or do you want to change it to get rid of this whole Bieber thing?

A: I can do whatever I want with my hair. If I want to shave my head right now, I could easily do it. No one is telling me what to do with my hair. No management, no record label. I don’t have any role model when it comes to my hairdo or style or fashion. Justin Bieber did cut his hair, like, a year and a half ago, and people still compare me to him. Well, what can you do?!

Q: The young DJ 3Lau told me that it helps to be young in electronic music, because kids have related to him trying to make it, as opposed to his older friends who are DJs. Do you find this to be true?

A: I agree with that. I think that young people who start DJing have us as role models because, first of all, the music that we play is pretty much the same style like the music they listen to. And secondly, because it’s easier for them to believe that they can make it as well if they have us (the young people) as role models, instead of “older people” who have been in the business for years. Because they can think, “If they could do it, I can do it as well.” —- for full article.

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Lure Nightclub | Lure Hollywood

Lure Nightclub Hollywood
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Lure Nightclub | Lure Hollywood

Lure Nightclub | Lure Hollywood

Lure Nightclub | Lure Hollywood

Lure Nightclub | Lure Hollywood |

Sammy R. Says: Lure Nightclub is the best place to get Lure Bottle Service. Lure is  the the place to be on a Thursday; aka Luresday.  The lines were incredibly long the night I went out w/ my friends.  We were at the end of the line, but made our way to the front.  We went through our amazing promoter, Ben, who got us in (luckily!).  We stood outside for the longest time ever and one of the main guys controlling the line looked like his head was going to explode.  He was yelling at pretty much everyone to follow orders so he could speed up the process of getting everyone through the door.  I wonder if he has high blood pressure lol  I wanted to rub his bad to calm him down.  I saw some veins popping out of his forehead.  Anyway, we were told we may not get in and not get our table.  That would’ve been a total bummer.  It was my girl’s early bday celebration!  Moments later, we made our way in and to the table.  Thanks Ben!  IF you want a good promoter contact, hit Ben (text him: 805.570.1717) up. So there seemed to be another bday boy nearby.  We ended up hanging out with his crowd.  They were pretty wasted, but they were definitely fun people.  Drinks were poured all around.  Redbull to keep us wired, and watermelon vodka to hit us harder; the watermelon definitely did the trick.  The music was alright; there was a lot of trance.  Guess it was enough to attract some celebrities in the house, like bball players and musicians. As the night went on, the music got better, and the crowd got more wild.  We made some friends and saw one of the girls at a table fall onto the ice bucket.  Ouch! By this point of time, the night was about over.  So one of my girls and I headed to the restroom before we left.  It was closed said the bouncer.  What?  Yep, he tried to make us go home but my girl wouldn’t take no for an answer.  One of the guys directed us upstairs and into the back where there was a restroom.  We never knew this place existed.  It was like a private lounge area.  I wonder what they really do up here throughout the night.  Until next time…

Jessica J. Says: Make sure you are on the Lure Guest List. Best new club in town!!!! I was supposed to go out to a bar the other night, and then my friends changed the plans.  I had not been wanting to go to clubs recently, because I feel like I should just go to bars here, and save the amazing clubbing scene for Vegas!  I felt like nothing is as good here, so why bother? Well, turns out, this place feels JUST like Vegas.  We had a table (really cool- fake grass walls and ceiling on the enclosed table area!), we saw A-Trak (who, if you don’t know, is one of the best DJ’s ever- it’s a fact, not my opinion, look it up), and turns out, they had had Calvin Harris as the DJ the night before!  I came with a friend who loved this place too, she’s never been to Vegas, but she said the patio felt just like Ibiza (clearly, I need to go to Ibiza). Downside?  If you don’t have a table, the place is a bit of a mob.  It was a hassle getting to the bathroom through the crazy crowd.  Definitely get a table, and make sure you know a promoter who can get you in.  If you go clubbing in LA, go to this one.

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