Hooray Henrys Nightclub News Now Open

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Hooray Henrys Nightclub News Now Open


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Hooray Henrys Nightclub News Now Open

 8713 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles Ca 90048

The Beverly is no more. It has been elegantly transformed into the British themed sensation Hooray Henrys. For the crowds that want something a little more upscale they have found their home. Beautifully redesigned they have renovated the old plain look of the Beverly. If you want to get into this hot high profile venue that holds about 300 people bottle service is your only way.

Tables stare at around 2K to 3K depending on location. The place is not for everyone. That’s what makes it hot.

Expect to see young hollywood getting tipsy and line of paparazzi crowded outside to get a prize photo.  The team behind this lovely establishment has a proven track record of success. There other current venture is Bootsy Bellows.

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Hooray Henrys Nightclub is Located:
8713 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, Ca 90048 
For a VIP HOST to assist with guest list and bottle service inquiries: HoorayHenrys@BottleServiceReservation.com
or Visit: HERE
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