Top Hollywood Nightclubs


Welcome to the 2014 Best Clubs in LA Winter Edition. The Top Hollywood Nightclub Promoters want to guide you to the very best nightlife in Los Angeles. Each of these Hollywood nightclubs have amazing things to offer, from celebrities to big room DJ’s. You wont want to miss out on these amazing venues when you’re visiting Los Angeles (or even if you live here). Please let us know if you’re celebrating a birthday, bachelorette party, or special event. We have a lot of amazing choices and will do what it takes to make sure you have an awesome night. There are a lot of clubs in LA, but the best ones are on this list:



#1 – Top Hollywood Nightclubs | Bootsy Bellows

This place has been at the top of our list for about 6 months. This place has it all, great looking people, an amazing venue, and top notch bottle service presentations. Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles is quickly becoming a nightlife staple and must-go club if you’re visiting LA. There are a lot of clubs in LA, but this one is by far the best. The backroom is a notorious celebrity hangout (Justin Biber and Leonardo DiCaprio to name a few). Bootsy is very upscale and right in West Hollywood. It’s a smaller club (15 tables), but everyone that goes has an amazing time. Make sure to check this place out. The music is open format (Hip Hop & House) and there is always some cool new DJ getting booked there. Would definitely suggest bottle service at Bootsy, will be the best way to gain entry.

Bootsy_bellows_Hollywood_nightclub Bootsy Bellows

For Bootsy Bellows bottle service reservations | Bootsy Bellows guest list email:

Bootsy Bellows
9229 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069

Nights: TUESDAY, FRIDAY (Feature Night), SATURDAY


#2 – Top Hollywood Nightclubs | Lure

Lure is a beast. If you’re looking to rage, look no further. This is a biggest EDM nightclub in Los Angeles. This Hollywood Nightclub is insane. Lure holds 600 people and books top quality DJ’s like Tiesto, EC Twins, and Kaskade to name a few. There are a ton of surprise DJ’s and this place goes off. This is like a Las Vegas Nightclub. Tons of girls, tons of DJ’s, and an epic party. Make sure you aren’t left in the cold when this place is going off.

Lure_nightclub_hollywood Lure Nightclub

For Lure bottle service reservations | Lure guest list email =

Lure Hollywood Nightclub
1439 Ivar Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028



#3- Top Hollywood Nightclubs | Henrys

 Newly remodeled and one of the best looking clubs in LA. This place is brand new. We didn’t want to give it the top spot just yet (they literally just opened last week), but so far it’s been amazing. Henrys Nightclub in Los Angeles has a ton of press, and a lot of really cool people are already stopping by. It’s a really special place for Birthdays or Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, so make sure you let us know when you email that you’re celebrating a special event. It’s VERY hard to get into this nightclub unless you know a promoter or get bottle service. Hooray Henrys Bottle Service is by far the best way to go if you’re looking to party at a new place.

Hooray_henrys_nightclub_bottle_service_reservation Hooray Henrys

For Henrys bottle service reservations | Sound guest list email

Hooray Henry’s Nightclub

8713 Beverly Blvd
West Hollywood, California



#4 – Top Hollywood Nightclubs | 1OAK Nightclub

1OAK is a massive brand. This club is so awesome. If you’re visiting LA and want to go to one of the Best Nightclubs in 2014, make sure you checkout 1OAK LA. Bottle Service at 1OAK Los Angeles is expensive, but totally worth it. They play the best music, and always have massive surprise DJ’s. You will love this place. It’s perfect for any occasion, and will definitely be a night to remember. The door is VERY tough as well, so bottle service at 1OAK LA is highly recommended. We can help with guest list as well, but there is no guarantee.

1Oak_LA_Los Angeles_Hollywood_Nightclub 1OAK Los Angeles

For 1Oak bottle service reservations | 1OAk guest list email =

1Oak Nightclub Los Angeles
9039 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90060

Nights: THURSDAY, SATURDAY (Best Night)


#5 – Top Hollywood Nightclubs | DBA Nightclub

DBA nightclub is one of a kind. It’s a true Hollywood Nightclub experience and has a really hip crowd. This place is very unique and has very sexy burlesque shows every night. It’s very cool and intimate, but everyone goes to party. If you want to do something you’ll never forget, and don’t want a crazy nightclub.. this is your place. Great for birthdays, parties, and other special occasions. Really cool venue. We love this place.

DBA_Nightclub_Bottle_Service_reservation DBA Nightclub

For DBA Nightclub Bottle service reservations | DBA Nightclub Guest List email =

DBA Nightclub Los Angeles

7969 Santa Monica Blvd.

West Hollywood, CA 90069

Nights: Thu, Fri, Sat 


#6  – Top Hollywood Nightclubs | Greystone Manor

Greystone Manor is legendary. Chances are if you have friends that have come to visit Los Angles, they will tell you about Greystone. This place is in Drake songs, this place is in the news, this place is everywhere. The only reason it’s not #1 is because we tend to focus on the newest clubs, but this place has only been around for a year and is still KILLING IT. Greystone is a big room nightclub, but it is VERY upscale and the door is still VERY tough. I would highly recommend this place if you’re looking for an awesome night out at a Los Angeles staple. This club rocks and definitely will be something you never forget. If you like to party: go to Greystone. Greystone Bottle Service is highly recommended, but there is a guest list as well (however there is no guarantee you will get in).

greystone_manor_hollywood_nightclub_bottle_Service_reservation Greystone Manor

For Greystone Manor bottle service reservations |

Greystone Manor Nightclub Hollywood

649 La Cienega Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90069

Nights: FRIDAY, SATURDAY (best night)


#7 – Top Hollywood Nightclubs | Supperclub

Last but CERTAINLY not least. Supperclub is a venue that has been amazing since the day it opened. Every table is a bed! It’s one of the coolest nightlife concepts we’ve seen in years. The party is big, and everyone takes their shoes off & rages. It’s an EDM club, but they book DJ’s like Snoopdog every once in a while. It’s a really epic spot that has amazing people and a great energy. If you love dancing and partying, this is your spot. Supperclub Bottle Service is also highly recommended, but you can get on the guest list as well. Let us know if you’re celebrating a birthday or special event & we will make sure you have the night of your lives.

Supperclub Nightclub Supperclub Nightclub

For Supperclub bottle service reservations | Supperclub guest list email =

Supper Club Hollywood
6675 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028



Henrys Saturday with Ludacris 1/17/15


If you are ready to start your weekend right, come by the newly remodeled Henrys, which is unlike any club you have been to before. Henry’s has a great club set up with plenty of tables to entertain the plethora of guests that it receives every weekend. This Saturday is sure to be a great night with Ludacris coming by to put on a show. Other than Ludacris there are a bunch of celebrities that are always coming by to Henrys to party it up with the crowd, so don’t miss out on these great nights at Henrys. With the traditional club setting Henrys has talented dancers who are constantly putting on a show all night and partying with the crowd. Bottle service is provided for those guests looking to spend, or the guest list is also available. There is always a great crowd at Henrys and there will be even more of a great crowd this weekend to keep the renewal of Henrys up to the fullest. The full bar offers a range of cocktails that will give you fuel to keep on going the whole night. If you are on the guest list make sure to show up early with a good girl guy ratio. Dress to impress as the guest list does not guarantee your entrance at the club. Henry is open on Friday and Saturdays with an open club format of playing from top 40s and much more hip hop music. Bottle service is offered every night at Henrys so make your reservations soon, as they do fill up quickly. As always bottle service is highly recommended at Henrys. Come check out the newly remodeled venue this weekend.


For Henrys bottle service reservation | Henrys Guest List Email =

 Henrys Night club
8713 Beverly Blvd
West Hollywood, California

Nights: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday


Create NightClub with Evashaw 1/17/15


Need to blow off some steem this weekend after the long work week? This Saturday is the perfect night to do just that with Create Night Clubs no themed out Arcade Saturdays which will have you on the sticks and pushin buttons all night. At Create nightclub the most popular EDM Djs are stopping by every weekend. This weekend on Saturday we have a very special Dj keeping the theme going, Dj Evashaw stopping by to drop it on LA and anyone showing up to Create this Saturday. Create is located on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. Bottle service is always available at Create, which is highly recommended in order to gain entrance. The tables are in a stadium seating type arrangement so the prices do vary, but any table is sure to provide a great time. There is also a guest list for those just wanting to drop by, providing a great dance floor to see the DJ. To gain entrance make sure you purchase tickets before you arrive, if you are not getting bottle service. Dress code is strictly enforced, dress to impress, and no caps with logos. Create is open Fridays and Saturdays and offer bottle service both nights, and the only night club that is open until 3 am. Come by and watch the great performances that happen every weekend, because all of LA is going to be wanting to be here this and every Saturday night. These Dj’s dont show up alone, so there will be many more hot DJs performing on this very night ensuring to liven up the crowd to amp up the club. Many celebrities are always known to show up, and especially on a special night like this so don’t miss your chance to run into one. Show up early if you bought tickets, because this night is guaranteed to have a great turn out.


 For Create bottle service reservations | Create guest list email


Create Nightclub Hollywood

6021 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028



Warwick Nightclub Saturday January 17th, 2015


Back to reality at work now? Need a weekend to take a break and forget about the long work week for a bit? Come by to Warwick in Hollywood which is sure to offer you a great night for you to drink, dance and enjoy the crowd of beautiful people surrounding you. Warwick is a place to socialize and actually converse with the people around you, it is not your typical club scene. If you’re looking for bottle service reservations or guest list Warwick is the place to be. In the past few weeks the venue has been loaded with celebrities and one of the best crowds in LA. Saturday January 17th they have DJ ? on the ones and twos and you can learn more about ? Warwick is a different kind of vibe then most clubs. It’s lounge style environment is perfect for a bottle service reservation. Their intimate dance floor allows for those entering through the guest list to to enjoy a night of hopping from table to table or dancing the night away. Warwick is two stories, with two bars and a great look and vibe. The dress code is very much enforced and the door won’t let you in if you show up noting looking your best. No ball caps for guys or ripped denim, shirts with printed images, baggy clothes, or simply dress to impress and you won’t have an issue. Warwick is open Wednesday through Saturday from 9-2am. The guest list is strictly enforced and still doesn’t guarantee you access to the club. If you want to get in with out issue the best way to do so is through making a bottle service reservation. Another really cool fact about this venue is that they make all their juices fresh in the back. So when you’re sipping down a signature cocktail you will do so knowing that it’s not one of those nasty standard liquor mixers. Warwick also has one of LA’s best Mixologists in town to guarantee only the best flavor blends and signature drinks.

For Warwick bottle service reservations | Warwick guest list email =
Warwick Hollywood
6507 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Nights: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday


1 Oak 1/17/14 with RossOne


Your weekend is here finally! After the long work week, what a better way to blow off some steam by coming by to 1 Oak this Saturday night. Saturday January 17th 1 Oak LA has Dj ?. You can see the DJ ? . 1 Oak LA is known for it’s massive two floor nightclub located in the heart of West Hollywood. With over 30 tables in the club which sell out every night we highly recommend you getting a bottle service reservation. The club also offers a guest list but there is no guarantee of you being let in. The club has over 1000 people a night go through it’s doors so being on the guest list you still have a chance of getting in. Dress code is also a huge deal for this venue like many other venues we talk about. Cool casual, upscale, with a designers touch are all looks that will get you passed the door guy and into the club.  When thinking of going to the hottest club in LA you think of the place with the most celebrities well let us tell you that this place has no shortage of them coming in to enjoy a night on the town. Leo, Jamie Fox, Diddy, Gerard Butler, Rhianna, Nelly, Jermaine Dupri have had their 1 Oak experience, and that’s to just name a few. The best way to secure your awesome evening at 1 Oak is to make a bottle service registration and when you do maybe you will be sat next to one of those celebrities this Saturday. 1 Oak is only open on Thursdays and Saturdays and music wise caters to those who are Hip Hop, House Music, Dance and Rock enthusiasts. So if you’re an LA local or visiting from out of town you should definitely plan on making a stop to 1 Oak LA this 2015.

For 1Oak bottle service reservations | 1OAk guest list email =
 1OAK Los Angeles
9039 W Sunset Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069

Nights: Thursday, Saturday


Lure Night Club with DJ Ev 1/17/15


If you’re ready to start your weekend off right, come to this weekend at Lure night club. This Saturday we bring you the sounds of DJ Ev as we get lit at lure for one epic night. If you want a great hip hop/edm experience at a night club then Saturday at Lure is the place for you. Lure is located on Ivar and Sunset which is a great location next to the AMC theatre. Bottle service is always available at Lure as well as a guest list for those just dropping by. Lure is the one night club that has the most spacious tables then any other night club in Hollywood. Lure has a great open floor to avoid congestion in any matter. If you are coming in on the guest list, enjoy signature cocktails from two full bars at both ends of the nightclub. Lure does not have a strict dress code with exception to hats with logos. Bottle service ranges from 1-2 bottles to gain entrance and it is highly recommended. Bottle service at Lure will ensure that you have a great time getting the prime real estate in the club. If you use the guest list be sure to come early and dress to impress. Lure is open on Thursdays and Saturdays. There is always a great show, and you never know what to expect, so any day is a great day to stop on by.


For Lure bottle service reservations | Lure guest list email =

Lure Hollywood Nightclub
1439 Ivar Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028


 DBA NightClub with DJ Redfoo 1/17/15

 DBA NightClub with DJ Redfoo 1/17/15

Ready for a great night of memories with your friends, come on by this weekend on Friday at Hollywoods ultimate Hip-hop club DBA. Last Friday we had the one and only Nick Cannon spinning on the 1’s and 2’s. This friday we have Party Rock coming by and their guest DJ Redfoo who is known for spinning the best Top 40s, Hip hop and mashups, as well as all the other songs you know very well, if you don’t, find out more about DJ Redfoo at . With 8 premium booth tables and 13 dance floor tables bottle service is recommended so that you are sure to experience a great night. DBA always has a great crowd of beautiful women and great looking guys with a positive vibe ensuring a great experience. DBA is located on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood which is a great night life location in the middle of Hollywood. They are open this friday and accepting all bottle service reservations. Bottle service reservations are always taken, and there is also a guest list for those not wanting to spend as much. The entrance through the guest list will require a good guy to girl ratio, and make sure that you show up early, but there is no guarantee that you will get in if you don’t get bottle service. The dress code for DBA is not so strict, so a little flare is not minded. DBA has been known for hosting top celebrity athletes from the NBA , MLS, NFL, and MLB professionals, so you never know who will be partying next to you. DBA is open Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays till 2am, so whether you want to start your weekend right or end it right, it is a great place to be at your convenience. Come by to enjoy the DJ performances, watch the gogo dancers, and enjoy great mixed beverages made from the top bartenders in West Hollywood.


For DBA Nightclub Bottle service reservations | DBA Nightclub Guest List email =


DBA Nightclub Los Angeles 

7969 Santa Monica Blvd.

West Hollywood, CA 90069

Nights: Monday, Friday, Saturday 

Supper Club with DJ Equal 1/16/15


You can expect there to be at least one blow out this playoff weekend. This Friday is the last Friday that Supper Club will be hosting, so its going to be one to remember. Supper club is going to have Dj Equal mixing it up on the ones and two’s. He will be playing open format music, to find out more visit Friday nights have been more popping then ever at Supper Club, so you can expect them to go out with a bang this Friday. Bottle service is available every night that its open, or you can get on the guest list. With entrance you have full club access and the full dance floor to dance the night away. The full bar offers a range of cocktails that will give you fuel to keep on going the whole night. If you are on the guest list make sure to show up early with a good girl guy ratio. Dress to impress as the guest list does not guarantee your entrance at the club. Every weekend there is another new hip-hop artist coming by to put on a great performance for the crowd. Supper Club presents great hip-hop nights with famous celebrities Djing like DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Lil John and many more. Supper Club offers a unique setting for guest that order bottle service. With their day bed tables right next to the dance floor, you are sure to have a great time after your bottle makes a surprise entrance from the ceiling. In order to get on the guest list or bottle service please contact us. Supper club is open every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday and any of those nights is a great night to go. But remember this is the last Friday for Supper club, so be sure to come by to blow it out.



For Supperclub bottle service reservations | Supperclub guest list email =

Supper Club Hollywood
6675 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Argyle Night Club with DJ Styles Complete 1/16/15


Finally your weekend is here and Argyle is here to make sure that you start your weekend right. Argyle is making sure that every weekend is one to remember for this club. This friday we have DJ Styles Complete sure to put on a great performance for those looking to keep the weekend flowing. To find out more about Dj Styles Complete visit him at . Argyle is located on Argyle Ave. right next to the W hotel, so you can’t miss it with its great location. Argyle has 21 tables, which sell out every night so be sure to reserve your table with enough time before hand. Argyle is open on Friday’s and Saturday’s and offers bottle service both nights. There is also a guest list for those who don’t want to spend that much money, which still offers a great dance floor area so you can dance the night away. Guest list is not guaranteed, so be sure to look your best to up your chances for entrance at the door. If you are on the guest list, be sure to show up early with a good guy to girl ratio. Bottle service is highly recommended in order to gain entrance. If you are not getting bottle service, there is a great bar with plenty of bar tenders that will give you any number of great mixed drinks. Enjoy the spectacular view as well as the excellent service that staff will provide for you, and you never know which Hollywood celebrity might end up showing to party with you to make the weekend one to remember. Argyle is open Tuesday, Fridays, and Saturdays, so be sure to make those bottle reservations ASAP for this weekend.


For Argyle bottle service reservations | Argyle guest list email =


Argyle Hollywood NightClub
1600 Argyle Ave
Los Angeles, California

Nights: Tuesday (Best Night), Friday, Saturday